Portable Shower – Best Camping Showers of 2021

Portable Camping Showers

Undeniably, camping with friends and family is a lot of fun. It is an efficient method to revitalize ourselves and reconnect with nature.

However, camping trips occur outdoors where a majority of our necessities are not available, such as comfortable showers.

Surely, you can jump in a lake or clean yourself nearby a river. But, with all the mud and germs, will you not love to take a warm shower as you did in your bathroom?

Imagine the showerhead pouring a gentle warm stream on your head and rinsing away the dirt as well as the worries. Well, then you need some portable showers!

Nowadays, a lot of companies have filled the market with portable showers. But, not every portable shower offers a convenient showering experience.  So, in a pool of variety, how will you find the best one for your camping trips?

Hey, worry no more! We have completed all the research for you and extracted the best camping showers of 2021. Let’s not waste time further and dive deeper into details!

Top 6 Portable Camping Showers in 2021

Let’s delve into the best portable camping showers right away!

ADVANCED ELEMENTS 5 Gallon Solar Shower

Premium Pick

Advanced Elements 5 Gallon Solar Shower


  • Comes with a one-year warranty
  • Lightweight
  • Large Capacity
  • Durable
  • Easy Storage


  • Average Valve Performance
  • Expensive

Advance Elements aims to address the needs of campers and make the outdoor time super-fun. In pursuit of its aim and vision, the company has introduced several efficient and user-friendly components of camping gear.

Advance-Elements 5 Gallon Solar Shower happens to be an exception amongst these. This portable camping shower is not only the best in all of the company’s productions but also gives tough competition to the other top-rated, high-end camping showers.

The versatility, durability, portability, and functionality offered by this model in unbelievably low rates seems to have impressed millions.

Advance Elements portable solar shower features a 4-ply construction, comprising the following layers:

  • Reflector Panel
  • Solar Panel
  • Insulator Panel
  • Water Reservoir

These layers not only add to its durability but also bring about optimal heat retention. Once filled and placed in the sun, it will heat the water up and hence, allowing you to enjoy hot showers even outdoors.

Filling up the large 5-gallon reservoir is also easy with a large filling valve. It comes with a twist cap, which makes both opening and closing a piece of cake.

Unless you lose the cap, the stored water will remain safe and protected from dust particles, insects, and other harmful stuff. The durable rubber handle on the top supports the weight of the water phenomenally.

Using it, you can hang the portable shower on a branch of a tree or any other location that you deem fit. Apart from that, it also comes with pockets to hold soap and shampoos as well as Velcro straps to hold the washcloth.

In addition to that, the showerhead comes with an on and off feature, which allows the user to control the flow of water. Hence, making conservation of your limited water resources easier.

To prevent the water from overheating, it also comes with a temperature gauge. You can adjust the temperature as desired.

Even more, it’s super easy to store! Just roll up the shower bag and place it in your backpack’s side pocket. Or perhaps, with other camping gear.

Ivation Portable Outdoor Shower, Battery Powered

Best Compact Portable Shower

Battery Powered Outdoor Shower


  • Gentle stream
  • Built-in filtration system
  • 1-hour of continuous use on a full charge
  • Durable and Lightweight
  •  Rechargeable battery


  • Obsolete Design
  • Takes 2-5 for a full recharge

With an integrated design, the Ivation Portable Outdoor Shower has some remarkable specifications that make it an outstanding camping shower. Let’s evaluate in detail!

It has a long 5.9-feet flexible hose, a stylish shower handle, and a pump. The entire unit has a length of 6.5-feet, which is long enough.

However, tall people may have to bend a bit so that they can wash their hair.

On the backside of the shower handle, you will find an S-style hook. There is also a suction cup holder. So, you can hang it on a rod or a tree branch and enjoy a hand-free showering experience.

The pump of the portable outdoor shower is present at the end of the long hose. To start the shower, you will have to dip the pump into the water bucket or source, and then turn the switch on.

To stop, you will have to turn the switch off, or else it won’t stop. The on/off switch is present near the pump, so you will have to reach down to perform either of the function.

It may be a little inconvenient as you will have to bend down every single time. Also, the water from the showerhead will spray everywhere while switching off the shower.

On the other hand, the shower has a built-in filtration system. Thus, making your outdoor showering experience stressful and germ-free.

The Ivation Portable Outdoor Shower has a greater number of holes in its showerhead.

Also, it produces a constant flow of 0.66gal/minute. Hence, you can effectively shower anywhere.

Moreover, it has a rechargeable 2200mAh lithium battery. You can charge the shower easily (via the included USB cable) through a laptop and 12-volts car adaptor. 

The portable shower takes 2-5 hours for a full charge and provides an hour of continuous usage. All in all, the Ivation Portable Outdoor Shower is a durable and lightweight product, which is ideal for camping trips. 

RinseKit Portable Camping Shower

Best Backpacking Camping Shower

RinseKit Portable Camping Shower


  • Extended Hose
  • Compact Structure
  • Eon pressure system for effortless spray
  • 6-different spray settings


  • Moderate Storage
  • Moderate Durability

RinseKit is an impressive project launched by OutSol (Outdoor Solutions for the Outdoor Soul). Primarily, it aims to make life easier for surfers, mountain hikers, mountain bikers, and other people engaged in sports as well as families who are out on a beach, camping, or fishing.

Rinsekit comes with a compact, sturdy, and hard structure. Although some users have reported complaints regarding its durability, several people have found it to be the most sturdy and robust camping shower they’ve ever owned.

You can carry about two gallons of water in its hard-plastic structure. For a full shower, this amount will last a maximum of three minutes.

Hence, it may not be suitable for a family’s use, especially on long trips. But for one to two people, the RinseKit portable shower will serve well, especially on short trips such as surfing.

And here’s one fascinating aspect of this lightweight camping shower; it allows you to use the shower with six different spray settings! These include:

  • Shower
  • Jet
  • Cone
  • Mist
  • Flat
  • Center

In each setting, you will enjoy a good water flow backed with an Eon pressure system. Thus, you will not find yourself irritated by slow, dripping water.

It can hold both hot and cold water. And, it comes with a removing lid, on/off valve, and quick connect.

It comes with a one-hand carrying handle, which allows you to carry this portable shower conveniently. The 6ft long hose further adds to its portability and makes usage convenient.

That’s because the extended hose reaches out to greater distances. Thus, making an outdoor shower an easy task, especially if you’re giving a shower to the young ones.

Nemo Helio Portable Pressure Shower with Foot Pump

Best Overall Portable Shower

Nemo Helio Camping Accessories


  • Large Storage Capacity
  • Durable and lightweight
  • Long and flexible hose
  • Solar heating system
  • Easy setup 
  • Flexible Pressure


  • Narrow Shower-head
  • Manual Operation
  • Requires supervision and support for Kids

At a glance, the Nemo Helio Portable Pressure Sower will look like a huge and not-so-portable monster. It has a 17-inches (in use) body constructed from polyurethane-coated polyester. However, after usage, the entire unit folds down to a mere 5.5-inches! 

Moreover, the shower unit has a total capacity of 2.9-gallons of water. It is sufficient to perform several tasks, from shower to dish-washing. Also, with a lightweight design, the shower unit weighs under 24lbs after getting filled.

There is a long and flexible hose composed of neoprene. You will find the hose connected to the bottom of the shower unit with metal clamps. It has a 7-feet length, which makes showering convenient for even the tallest of people.

Furthermore, the Nemo Helio Portable Pressure Shower utilizes pressure technology to augment your outdoor showering experience. You will have to use the foot pump to inflate the unit, and then fill it through the inlet.

Manual inflation might be a little troublesome, but it offers pressure flexibility. You can adjust the pressure according to your pressure.

Also, the narrow showerhead and high pressure produce the most effective water stream. You can shower for the longest time and still manage to conserve lots of water! 

However, the narrow showerhead may require a compromise on the coverage. You can not wet the entire body at once.

The Nemo Helio Portable Pressure Shower has a solar heating feature as well. When placed under the sunlight, the dark-colored body of the shower unit warms up the water easily for a comfortable shower experience.

Though, the portable shower does not have a hands-free system. You will have to hold the hose and shower single-handedly. Concisely, the Nemo Helio Portable Pressure Shower is an idealistic camping shower unit that is easy-to-setup as well as use.

Sea to Summit Pocket Shower

Sea to Summit Camping Accessories

Best Lightweight Portable Shower


  • Lightweight
  • Convenient storage
  • Durable
  • Multi-functional


  • Comes without hose
  • Small Storage Capacity

Sea to Summit represents a team of talented and dedicated individuals who bring forth innovative camping equipment to make outdoor activities even more fun. Amongst the masterpieces produced by the company, we have found the best lightweight, portable shower as well, i.e., the Sea to Summit Pocket Shower.

This backpacking shower measures 3 by 6 inches and weighs only around 4.25 ounces. Hence, it’s easy to carry your backpack or along with other camping gear.

It features a highly durable and water-resistant 70D Nylon, which can withstand the roughest of treatments and still hold its shape. When wet, you can place it under the sun for quick dry.

It promises a capacity of 2.6 gallons or 10 liters, which gives an eight and a half minute shower with the shower head fully open. You can control the flow of water with the twisting on/off mechanism of the showerhead.

The showerhead of this portable shower has graduated apertures for even dispersion of water. Moreover, gravity powers the flow of water, so you will need to hang it on a branch or a stable place to take a shower.

Also, when the quantity of water lowers, the flow lowers too. Due to this property of this portable bag, we recommend it to small groups heading out on short trips.

It doesn’t come with a hose and so directing the flow of water can become a bit difficult. But that’s ignorable if you’ve got a place to hang the bag.

Once dried, you can even use this portable shower as a regular sack for carrying clothes, etc.

Camplux 5L 1.32 GPM Outdoor Portable Propane Heater & Shower

Camplux Outdoor Dual Portable Heater and Shower

Best Combo Propane Portable Heater and Shower


  • Oxygen depletion system
  • Low fuel consumption
  • Easy installation
  • Functions on low water pressure
  • Works with both propane and battery


  • Heavyweight
  • Delicate when operated with batteries
  • Short Hose Length

Up till now, we have evaluated some of the best portable showers, but none include a heater. What if your camping place is in colder regions and you require a hot shower? Well, then the Camplux 5L 1.32GPM Outdoor Portable Propane Heater & Shower is your best option!

The Camplux5L Outdoor Propane Heater & Shower has a rectangular body with two hoses. One hose connects to the showerhead, whereas the other one connects to the gas supply.

With easy-to-use functions, you can control the gas and water flow so that the water temperature matches your preference. The maximum temperature is 46-degree Celsius, and the minimum is 8-degree Celsius.

However, if the gas supply is not available, then you can use lithium batteries too. Please take caution while operating with batteries and keep the batteries out when the product is not in use. Users have reported sparks and complained about durability.

This outstanding portable propane shower and heater have the dimensions of 11.4 x 4.3 x 14.8 inches. Although the product is quite compact, it does not have a lightweight design. With a weight of 14.11-pounds, the Camplux 5L Portable Propane Shower may be inconvenient to carry on most camping trips.

However, there are many other pros to consider, such as the Oxygen Depletion System. In this, the shower unit eradicates all the oxygen so that the microbes cannot survive. Hence, ensuring a safe water supply in outdoor conditions.

Perhaps, the most remarkable specification is that the Camplux 5L Outdoor 1.32GPM Outdoor Portable Propane Heater & Shower functions on the lowest water pressure and consumes minimal fuel. On 0.4PSI propane gas pressure, you can get a maximum power output of 28,000btu/hour.

Furthermore, the Camplux 5L Outdoor Portable Shower has a 5-feet flexible hose. The showerhead will certainly not reach taller people with this hose length. Hence, there is a durable bar at the top to hang the portable shower from a tree branch or rod.

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Features to Consider while choosing a Camping Shower

Types of Mini Showers

In terms of power sources, there are three types of portable showers. These include:

  • Solar Powered
  • Battery Powered
  • Propane Powered
  • Gravity Powered

Amongst these, your cheapest options include the solar-powered portables showers or gravity powered. Since these do not involve the use of batteries or any fuel, you will have to spend a relatively minimal amount on your initial purchase and spend nothing during use.

However, the drawback here is the fact that you cannot avail of hot and warm showers in minutes and at night. That’s because your only way of heating water is sunlight.

Battery and propane-powered cost slightly more but offer the convenience of warm or hot showers. But also, they weigh a little more and involve during-use costs.

Construction Materials

Generally, there are two primary materials that companies use to manufacture portable showers. These include:

  • Waterproof Fabrics (Nylon, Polyester, etc.)
  • Soft or Hard Plastic

Usually, the plastic camp showers are transparent, which allows the user to see through them and keep a check on the amount of water left. While fabric camp showers do not offer this facility.

Depending on the company and manufacturing, both these materials are durable. However, you will still need to take care of soft materials as they may develop a hole and start leaking after intensive usage.

The hard plastic ones have better durability. But they occupy more space and are generally heavy.


When buying camping showers, capacity is the most important aspect to consider. It determines both the weight that you may have to carry as well as the duration of your shower or water-usage time.

Firstly, consider the duration and circumstances of your trip. If you are heading out for a 2-7 hour trip for somewhere near your home or near a town, then you should buy a portable shower with a capacity of at least 2-3 gallons.

For a longer trip, you must take buy one with a capacity of three gallons or more. Remember, the more capacity, the better (especially on a trip far away from your house or any town).

But also take care of the weight that additional gallons may mean. The only case in which you will not need to worry about the capacity is when your water source is a natural body itself.

Benefits of Outdoor Shower

There is no denying that the portable shower holds immense importance in the lives of serious campers. This intelligent piece of technology offers many benefits than mere water. Let’s evaluate in-depth!


The very first and valuable feature of portable showers is their portability. You cannot have the entire bathroom system into the woods, but you can bring a few features of it. With these portable showers, you can get the washing convenience anywhere anytime!


Having a passion for camping does not mean a compromise on hygiene. While camping, people get more exposed to germs and dirt. But, with portable showers, you can stay clean and healthy all the time.


Camping trips indeed are to reconnect with nature. But, at times, you can not rely on nature to fulfill your needs. What if you are camping in a desert? Thus, the portable showers help maintain your independence when it comes to cleanliness.


Nowadays, a lot of portable showers come with compact and lightweight designs. Hence, conserving a lot of space for your camping gear.

Tips for Maintaining Camping Shower

Maintenance is the key step in keeping your portable showers functional and long-lasting. Without proper maintenance, even the most high-quality portable showers may experience a reduction in lifespan and work performance. Well, if you want your best portable shower to last long, then here are some easy tips!

Rinse after shower

During showers, a lot of grime and dirt may accumulate on your portable shower units. All the moisture and humidity can cause discoloration. Hence, you must rinse the shower unit after every shower.

If your shower involves electrical or gas components, then you can use an alternative method. Simple, wipe the main body and hose with a wet cloth.

Clean the Shower-head

With all the water flowing out, you will find that the showerheads get dirty quickly. Also, they conceal the dirt in the holes quite well. Hence, you need to be regular about showerheads.

First, open the showerhead. Then, use plain water to rinse the interiors. You can also add a few cleaning agents if the product manufacturers suggest.   

Check the power source

The power source of portable showers can be anything from electricity to propane gas. The power source keeps your shower unit alive and functional. Hence, you should keep a check on the power source.


Finally, portable showers are some great equipment that all campers must-have. The comfort, portability, and sense of independence that these devices offer are surely worth it.

Are you about to purchase a portable shower? Well, then do keep the above-stated features to consider in mind and shop wisely!

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